Winter Break Bucket List

Today marks the beginning of a much-needed four week break from school. THANK GOD. This first quarter was quite tough, so I plan on taking it (intellectually) easy for the next month to recoup and recharge.

But what’s the holiday season without a little fun? To keep from accidentally wasting the weeks away (which, trust me, is very easy on our comfy couch…), I made myself this handy-dandy little bucket list: almost all play, with a tiny bit of work, to keep me busy during the holidays!

christmas break bucket list

If you’re wondering why Gossip Girl is on the list: I started watching it from Season 1 on Netflix as a sort of background distraction during dead/finals week, and am now in the beginnings of Season 2…

In addition to the list I’ll be celebrating the holidays with family and friends, as well as exploring our new neighborhood and doing a bunch of chores that I’ve been putting off (like getting Oregon license plates! eek!).

But first up on the list is trying to procure some Gonzaga basketball tickets for the game against the University of Portland in January… tickets go on sale at 11, so wish me luck!


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Wife. Runner. Baker. Pretzel-maker. Hey, that rhymes!
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