The Grad Student Gift Guide

The holiday season starts out pretty rough for us grad students. An epic whirlwind of reading, papers, final exams, and to-the-brink stress is what awaits us after Thanksgiving, instead of the shopping and sleigh rides and hot-cocoa-fueled ice skating winter fun that others might be enjoying.

Okay, just kidding. The holidays are stressful for everyone! But if you’re considering getting a gift  for the professional student in your life (especially if it’s going to arrive before that final paper is turned in…), don’t worry! Here are a few suggestions to consider that will double as thoughtful and useful, and might help boost a few grades to boot.

Grad Student Gift Guide

1. A stylish bag for all of those library books. The grad-student-stipend budget usually requires reusable grocery bags for heavy book transportation, so extra bonus points abound for something durable and cute! This Fossil bag fits the stylish-and-smart bill quite nicely.

2. Favorite school supplies. Every grad student has their ritualistic attachment to their favorite school supplies. I’d kill for a pack of my favorite pens, or some perfect-sized personalized post-its, a brand new notebook, etc. etc. Check out what they use and help replenish the stock!

3. Something comfy for those marathon study sessions. Sitting in cold libraries for hours on end preparing for exams and writing papers requires being cute and cozy. This Gap sweatshirt, or anything else fleecy, soft, and snuggly would make a great gift.

4. BOOKS. A grad student’s life revolves around books – finding them, buying them, reading them. A gift certificate to the school’s bookstore, or to Amazon, will help your favorite student stretch that book budget a bit further. Bonus points if you figure out which books they need for next quarter and get few!

5. A caffeine fix. Because you probably can’t provide a caffeine drip, a coffee date to take a break from studying would be a perfect present. Or a nice bag of coffee, a gift card to the closest coffee shop to campus, or a french press. Basically anything that provides a study-inducing buzz.

Happy shopping! And good luck on finals!


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