Oh hello blog world!

It’s that time of year, so I thought I’d pop in to say hello!

Wait… Christmas what?

I meant finals week! Having been out of the school loop for what feels like forever, this finals week (and the subsequent end of my first quarter as a doctoral student) is hitting me pretty hard, both in terms of nostalgia – what up old school livejournal finals rants! – and in terms of workload. And if my time as an undergraduate taught me anything, it’s that when your workload gets overwhelming during finals week, you…

…procrastinate with anything and everything possible!

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So I figured it was time to update this here blog. Getting overwhelmed with starting grad school means and consequently retreating into the stacks means I’ve missed all the cool things happening in the blogosphere lately (like NaBloPoMo, etc.). But I have learned a few things during this first quarter that I feel like sharing with all you wonderful people today. So, go go gadget bullet list!

Becca’s Tips for Prospering In Surviving Graduate School

  • Do your reading when it’s assigned. Because DUH that makes it easier to sound intelligent in class, and keeps you from wanting to simultaneously pull your hair and stab your eyes out at the end of the quarter when you think about trying to catch up.
  • Make time for the things you love. Especially that one hobby that relaxes you (knitting) or makes you feel really accomplished (jewelry-making and blogging) or lets you interact with the people you miss and that keep you sane (card-making and blogging).
  • Make time for the people you love. Especially your husband, who has to put up with your craziness for the whole quarter and still loves you anyway. This may also involve an impromptu Seattle trip for a housewarming party in the middle of midterms…
  • Take care of yourself. Eat good food, get good sleep, and make time to workout, because it’ll make you feel good and you won’t feel out of shape and stressed out at the end of the quarter.

Clearly I did not do any of these things adequately this quarter (which actually isn’t done yet, and I may or may not have 60 pages worth of papers due in the next week…), so I have my marching orders for the next one. Thankfully, I’m completely done on December 7th, and then have nearly a month to recover take a break before facing winter quarter.

But in the mean time, since I’m in full-time study procrastination mode, expect to see a bit more of me around these parts. I’ve missed this creative outlet, especially since it has nothing to do with democratic peace theory


About Becca

Wife. Runner. Baker. Pretzel-maker. Hey, that rhymes!
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