My New Favorite Dress

I spent the majority of July out of town, but managed to finally hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary sale when I returned to Portland. Sometimes I feel weird still perusing Brass Plum, because as a 27-year-old married woman I am most certainly not a “junior” anymore. But honestly, it’s full of cute and affordable pieces that still fit me, so why not?

Lush Drew Blouson Dress

My latest junior’s-section-find is this $44 Lush dress, which conveniently comes in a variety of colors and prints. The blouson top and flowing bottom make this dress perfect for those that are a bit bottom heavy (like me!), because it draws attention to the shoulders and gives the illusion of evening out the top and bottom. Needless to say, I took advantage of the lack of sales tax in my new city (and a gift card left over from my birthday) and purchased two.

I’d be lying if I said that this style was completely appropriate as a dress on me (I am 6’1″, after all, and anything short is not likely to completely cover my bum), so I’ll definitely be wearing them more like tunics, or at least with (thick and absolutely not see-through at ALL) leggings underneath. The pleasures of being tall and buying off the rack, eh? So keep that in mind as you check out how I’d style these beauties!

Casual Summer Weekend

I actually wore this outfit to a small outdoor concert just east of Portland on Wednesday night, and I felt great in it! Pairing the dress with jeans kept it a bit more modest (for climbing into and out of picnic tables) as well as warm (it’s chilly when the sun starts setting). Though I’ve already determined that I’m never going to be the best dressed in a place like Portland, I definitely felt like I was in the running in this.

Grad School Library

The one requirement I have for all new wardrobe pieces is that they have to be versatile (and classy) enough that I can wear them in all areas of my life, including school. Throwing on a blazer over this dress and pairing it with some leggings and a pair of boots makes it totally grad school appropriate, and definitely something I envision myself wearing for a long day of classes and research. Then just take off the blazer and leave the school bag at home and you’re ready for a night out!

I also purchased a lace mini-dress that I immediately decided was actually supposed to be a shirt (and a cute shirt at that!) that actually was part of the anniversary sale, but it appears to be sold out now. Boo! You’ll just have to trust me when I say that it’s cute. 😉


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