Random Thoughts

Random thoughts accumulated from the past couple of weeks:

  1. It’s weird being able to see into peoples’ cars while driving down I-5 in a bus. The people that are absolutely going for it while car-singing are never the ones you expect. Also, the spiky-haired dude in the huge truck with a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff tucked below the windows in his backseat was quite unexpected.
  2. Wow mountains are big and amazing. Also, the packs and gear that mountain climbers carry are big and amazing. And the leg muscles of mountain climbers are big and amazing.
  3. Having a mentally and physically exhausting last couple of weeks has made me incredibly suggestible and susceptible to advertising. It’s 9 am and not a particularly great day but the barrage of Dairy Queen advertisements and over-inflated ice cream cones on the roofs of the Krispy Kreme’s we’ve seen so far are absolutely killing me. I’m going to be that person beating on the door of the FroYo place before lunch time demanding that they open and serve me.
  4. I may have lived in Seattle for 18 years, but I am terrible at suggesting activities to tourists. Things I’m also terrible at: finding decent sports bars, navigating the city without a car, navigating the city at all.
  5. I actually uttered the phrase “I miss my truck” this week – and was being completely serious (see above).

I’m heading back to Portland for a while, and will hopefully be able to stay for at least a few days. The last time I was in my new home for more than 48 hours was at least two weeks ago, and I’ve been feeling really discombobulated as a result. It doesn’t help that the last time I saw Matt was over a week ago, and that I forgot to bring both pants and a jacket.

I’d like to get back to regular posting sometime in the near future, but life’s kind of up in the air and throwing me a few curveballs at the moment. I’ve been at a loss for words and energy to commit to this space, so we’ll have to see what a few days at home can conjure up.


About Becca

Wife. Runner. Baker. Pretzel-maker. Hey, that rhymes!
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