2 Years of Wedded Bliss!

I can’t believe this magical day was two entire years ago! It feels like the wedding was yesterday and we’ve been married forever at the same time.

This picture of our hands with our rings is one of my favorites from the professional shots we have of our wedding day. I love seeing Matt’s newly be-ringed hand captured on film, and it’s still heart-melting to see him worrying that ring when he first wakes up in the morning or is watching TV on the couch. Before getting married Matt normally didn’t wear jewelry at all, so it definitely took some getting used to for him – now it just seems like a completely natural part of his hand.

{ Wedding rings. Photo by Michael Bauer. }

For our first anniversary last year we kept it pretty low key – dinner out and a movie at home. Tonight, with our impending big move, will be more of the same. We’re heading out to the restaurant where we had our first date (which will probably be the last time we eat there before we move… sad!) and then home for some dessert and a movie.

This time next year we’ll be celebrating in our first house!


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