Spokane Bucket List

Holy crap. We’re moving in seven weeks! Seven short weeks! Seven weeks to pack up all of the stuff we’ve accumulated during our nine years of living in this city and somehow get it to Portland. I will not freak out I will not freak out I will not freak out…

Other than wanting to hide in a corner and just throw everything away, there are some things I’d like to do before we hightail it out of here one final time. This is a big, beautiful area, and during our time here I’ve come to love some things – and miraculously have never had the opportunity to do a few others. And with the move drawing ever closer, it’s now or never!

{ Lake Coeur D’Alene, via Idaho’s Scenic Byways. }

And with that preface, dear readers, I present to you my Spokane bucket list:

  1. Ride the Looff carousel in Riverfront Park. This is a Spokane landmark and should be a staple of any visit. That I’ve lived here for 9 years and never ridden it is kind of embarrassing.
  2. Have one last dinner at Our RestaurantOriginally Riverview Thai when we had our first date there in January, 2006, this place holds special memories for me. Fun fact: the waiter that served us on that special evening still works there and remembers us all these years later. And the view of the river is fun, too.
  3. Dip my feet in Lake Coeur D’Alene. And then spend the rest of the day lounging on the beach and in the surrounding park.
  4. Find the Meaning of Life. A secret Spokane legend. Climb or crawl to find the meaning of it all.
  5. Dance like a fool at ArtFest and/or Elkfest. Let’s be honest, probably both. [Depending on the time of year, this can apply to Pig Out in the Park, First Night, or many other big Spokane events.]
  6. Get dressed up for drinks at The Davenport. And take pictures, obviously!
  7. Picnic at Manito ParkMaybe in the Japanese Garden with the koi, or in the shade of the fountains in the Duncan Garden.
  8. Visit the Bowl and Pitcher in Riverside State Park. The bridge makes me a bit nervous though, I must admit…
  9. Run through the sprinklers on Gonzaga University’s campus. One of the best memories of my freshman year is of running through the sprinklers between Welch and DeSmet on a particularly hot summer day with friends (including Rachel). Time for one last run!
  10. Attend a concert at the Fox TheaterThis fully restored art-deco building is definitely the most beautiful theater in Spokane. Plus my favorite doctor is playing there before we leave…
  11. Visit the Cataldo MissionThe oldest building in Idaho and an important part of the history in this area, I think this would make for a fun and educational day trip.
  12. Wine tasting tour! Sam, do you read my blog? If you do we need to talk about this!
  13. See a film at the Magic LanternAnd with so many awesome choices, it’ll probably end up being multiple films.
  14. Try Spokane’s first Ethiopian restaurantIt’s been a decade since my days of Ethiopian feasts on Capitol Hill in Seattle, and I’ve heard great things about this place. It’s time to give it a try!

Two items for every week I have left here. Am I missing anything big? Did I hit the highlights of the best that Spokane (and the Inland Northwest) has to offer?

I can’t believe how quickly my time here is coming to an end… it really is now or never! 🙂

{ P.S. – A couple of items, specifically touring Dry Fly’s distillery and visiting the MAC, didn’t make the list because I’ve done them in the past month or so. But they’re still awesome! }


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3 Responses to Spokane Bucket List

  1. Rachel says:

    I dragged D. around campus/Logan this weekend (his general reaction was “Why did you live so many places?”) and neglected to mention sprinkler running to him, even though I DID think of our last run that started on the Hopkins porch.

    My point? I’m down.

    • Becca says:

      Haha, why DID we live in so many places? As soon as it stops dumping buckets and gets a little warmer (or, in reality, school lets out and we brave J&Ds again), the sprinkler run is ON!

      • Rachel says:

        My commentary was peppered with things like “Oh! That’s the dumpster where I got my dishes that we used this morning!” #gonzagaproblems

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