Menu Plan Monday

Let’s talk about food planning for a minute, shall we? As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a little bit trickier for a vegetarian and an omnivore to eat together than the average couple – which makes meal planning ahead of time especially important.  I’ve seen lots of meal plans around the internet that strive to add variety by mixing up the main proteins in their meals – a fish night, a beef night, a chicken night, a meatless night. But as a vegetarian, that method of mixing things up doesn’t really work for me; it could work for Matt, but we do occasionally like to eat together. 😉

So in this post I’m finally putting my decision process into words, and here it is: to get variety into our evening meals, I mix up the types of dishes instead of the proteins. I generally divide things into four categories: vegan dishes, pasta dishes, soups, and casseroles. Some things will obviously fit into more than one category, but I try to have no more than two items from each in any given week. Special consideration is also given to things that may easily have meat added to them (to keep Matt’s taste buds happy). Filling in the blanks with delicious recipes is pretty easy then!

Monday: Spicy peanut sauce with brown rice and veggies

Tuesday: Spinach and mushroom lasagna rolls

Wednesday: Jalapeno corn chowder with some sort of quick bread

Thursday: Leftovers/freezer dinner

Friday: Dinner out!

Saturday: Coconut green curry lentils with rice

Sunday: Light fettucini alfredo with grilled proteins and veggies

For this week, my vegan items are Monday’s and Saturday’s dinners, my pasta items are Tuesday’s and Sunday’s dinners, Wednesday is the soup for the week, and Tuesday also counts as our casserole. Monday and Sunday get props for being the meals that are easy for meat additions, and Wednesday’s a great honorable mention because of the possibility of using bacon as a topping.

It also helps to have an organized method of storing recipes – especially online! I use these pinboards to keep things neat and tidy, and easy to access: Delicious Dinner Ideas, Pasta Dishes, Soups and Stews.

So that’s how this vegetarian/omnivore household puts a meal plan together. Happy eating everyone!


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5 Responses to Menu Plan Monday

  1. Rachel says:

    Going to raid your Pinterest in 3…2…1

  2. Mary says:

    Your pinterest boards have some great ideas. Do you have certain blogs with dinner ideas that you recommend?

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