Fashion Fix: Orla Kiely

{ My apologies to those of you using an RSS feed to get my updates – sometimes I get a little overzealous with the keyboard commands, which can end up with you all receiving a post full of “blah”s and unsourced photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. Normally I’m pretty careful, but the sugar from this morning’s waffles must be wearing off and making me a bit… out of it. This is the actual post I was working on at the time! }


Can I interrupt your (Palm) Sunday for a moment and talk about how awesome Orla Kiely has become? I remember being intrigued by the distinctive pear pattern during the temporary retro fashion revival of my high-school days – you know, when those huge bellbottoms and peace-sign-everything were chic again – but completely losing track of the line once the style died down.  Cut to this year, when suddenly my fashion girl crush has stepped out in Orla Kiely dresses not once but twice in the last 6 weeks, and looked stunning both times.

{ Image source. }

First it was this brown collared dress with a bird print that the Duchess of Cambridge wore when visiting The Art Room in February. Paired with brown tights and heeled ankle boots, she looks very stylish yet comfy (and warm!).

{ Image source. }

And then in March, we saw her in this grey 3/4-sleeved dress with a pleated skirt and black detailing at the neckline for a visit to the Dulwich Picture Gallery with her in-laws. Extremely conservative otherwise, this dress becomes more youthful and fitting for the Duchess with the playful floral detail.

These are only two of the gems in the line currently, as evidenced by the fun selections currently available on their website. I combed through and hand-picked eight of my favorites to share with you. I just love the structure, colors, and patterns used for these pieces!

Orla Kiely Dresses

{1. Alpine Grove Flared Dress, via People Tree, $145 ; 2. Silk Georgette Garden Party Raglan Tunic, $565 ; 3. Heavy Crepe Tea Dress in red, $445 ; 4. Crinkle Crepe Tea Dress in navy, $485}

Orla Kiely Purses and Separates

{5. Color Block Reversible Cardigan in Blush & Emerald, $310 ; 6. Ink Georgette Skirt, via, $464 ; 7. Stripy Stem Handbag, $165 ; 8. Patent Scallop Leather Robin Bag in Peony, $450}

Of course anytime someone as well-known as the Duchess of Cambridge adopts your clothing, there’s going to be a higher demand and prices are going to sky-rocket – which I think is evident by the current costs for a pretty (but simple) Orla Kiely dress. Exciting news for those of us in the US, though, is that the first store has opened stateside, which will hopefully translate into wider availability and a bit of a price decrease soon.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for sample sales and online discounts, and I’ll keep putting those quarters in my piggy bank!


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