Back by popular demand!

… and by popular demand, I mean the demands of 2 out of 3 Rachels in my life (coincidentally, also 2 out of 3 readers of this blog – since husbands don’t count). And even though they share the same name, I swear that they’re two different people.

So what’s been happening in my life this month? I’m not feeling super prose-y, so here’s a bulleted list:

  • LAST WEDDING OF THE YEAR OF WEDDINGS. We attended our 6th wedding in the last 9 months a couple of weeks ago. It was a lovely affair in Portland (Oregon) featuring one of the Rachels mentioned above, and a good chance to visit some of our favorite places while we were there. I also realized about 50 miles into the drive down that my camera was still sitting right next to the door to our apartment – and NOT in the car with us – so I have zero photographic evidence of any of this.
  • I decided I didn’t have enough HSC (Hipster Street Cred), so I taught myself how to knit! I’m almost done with a green and white scarf I started 2.5 weeks ago, and have been proudly showing it to Matt at the end of every evening so he can pretend to be as excited about it as I am.

What I think my knitting looks like. (Gorgeous bolero from Crochet Butterfly.)

What my knitting actually looks like. (Image from zebra.paperclip’s Flickr).

  • By far the biggest development this month has been the following: I was accepted to an awesome graduate school with a great packaged offer, so we’re in the process of moving to Portland (Oregon) sometime in the next few months!  It’s still kind of surreal that I actually achieved something that I’ve been working towards for so long… now I just have to put in the (5 years of) work and get that Ph.D.! I’m also very excited to be getting out of Spokane after having lived here for 9 years – it’ll be nice to have a new city to explore and call home.

Mostly, I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing this month. I haven’t finished a single book, my camera’s been in its bag for at least 3 weeks, and I’m hopelessly behind on gifts and cards for basically every event so far this year. Pretty much the only things I’ve accomplished are surpassing 1300 pins on Pinterest and developing an unhealthy obsession with this song:

So there ya go! I’m alive, I still think about this place periodically, and my only explanation for my absence is extreme laziness. Feel free to give me a kick in the pants if you’re hankering for an update and I’m not providing. 🙂


About Becca

Wife. Runner. Baker. Pretzel-maker. Hey, that rhymes!
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4 Responses to Back by popular demand!

  1. Mary says:

    Very glad the blog’s back! This post put a smile on my face; I always enjoy reading your updates. If you weren’t counting me in the 3 readers–bump that number up to 4!! Woot! This post put a smile on my face.

  2. Congratulations on getting into your program! That’s quite an accomplishment. Good luck with the move, and I’m so very glad that you’re back!


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