eReader Covers – An Update

Last year, I wrote about the Nook Matt gave me for Christmas and the plethora of cover options that I was exploring for the darn thing.  Since then, it’s become one of my most popular posts – which is surprising to me, especially since I have yet to actually purchase a cover – and is the one that receives the most traffic from search engines.

Well, over the holidays, Matt combined a few gift cards and rebate points and purchased himself a Kindle Fire – now we have two of these things that need covers! The sizes of Nooks and Kindles are just different enough (at least if you have a first generation Nook and a Kindle Fire) that you usually can’t use the same covers, so unfortunately I had to start the cover search all over again.  And since everyone’s so interested in eReader covers, here’s the cream of the crop!

I love that there are so many more options of book style covers this year than there were last! The Marware Atlas Kindle cover in grey is my favorite of the color options – and a great neutral choice if you’re sharing your Kindle with a man-friend.

{ Marware Atlas Kindle Cover from, $29.99 }

If you want a classy cover with a bit of pizzaz, the Verso Prologue case is an awesome option that’s reminiscent of classic hardcover books. The other colors of this case are equally fun and classy!

{ Verso Prologue Case from, $39.99 }

In the sleeve category, here are a few of my favorites being sold on these days.  I love this cream-colored cable-knit sleeve from On a Roll… is it weird that I kind of want a matching sweater to go with it?

{ Kindle Fire case in cream from On a Roll on Etsy, $24.00 }

I also love the bright color, simple pattern, and cute button closure of this fun yellow sleeve as well! Definitely very Spring.

{ Cotton Flower Kindle Sleeve from Chubby Cloud on Etsy, $24.00 }

For sleeves with a full flap closure, I love this one. Might as well embrace the chevron trend before it’s over, and a bit of bright red on a Kindle case is a good way to do it.

{ Red Stripes Kindle Case from Simbiosis by Julia on Etsy, $22.00 }

So those are my top picks for Kindle covers. If you’re klutzy like me and prone to dropping things, you definitely need one, so why not make it cute at least! Protect those devices while you’re traveling, and send me your book recommendations while you’re at it.


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