A Trip to the St. Louis Zoo!

When recapping my adventures in 2012 thus far, I off-handedly mentioned a trip to St. Louis and promised pictures of penguins… well, here’s the full explanation if you were curious!

{ Outside the St. Louis Zoo entrance }

We journeyed to St. Louis during the first week of January to partake in an amazing wedding between two of our favorite people.  Because we were there specifically for the wedding, most of our activities were wedding related, but we did manage to sneak away (well… as much as a group of 12 can sneak anywhere) to the St. Louis Zoo on a particularly sunny and warm afternoon! The zoo was a perfect place for a large group – it was FREE, which I still can’t believe, and there was lots of space to explore and spread out. We ended up spending about 2.5 hours there before jetting off to bachelor and bachelorette parties, and I loved it.

{ Regal penguin is unimpressed. }

{ Penguin photobomb! }

I can’t even remember the last time I was in a zoo – Spokane doesn’t have one, and I have definitely not been to Woodland Park Zoo since high-school, when we had to go watch gorillas and take notes on their behavior for a few hours as part of a biology project. All I know is, after this little jaunt, I need more penguins in my life.

{ Not sure why, but this guy is absolutely hilarious to me. }

{ This little guy was hopping up the rock face – super cute! }

We didn’t just see penguins, though. Like any zoo worth its salt, there were all kinds of animals hanging out and having fun – both big AND small.

{ This guy loved his plaid blanket, and we loved him! }

{ This turtle seemed pretty annoyed with all the attention he was getting. }

My favorites (beside the penguins, obviously) were the elephants. There were a ton of them, all hanging out and enjoying the sunshine.  I especially loved the super cute baby elephant that was running around like crazy!

{ This elephant was doing tricks for treats of giant leafy sticks. }

{ The baby elephant and mother elephant were so cute! Please ignore the poo. }

One of the things that surprised me the most about the zoo was just how close you could get to some of the larger animals.  Maybe this is how it is with most zoos these days, but I can’t remember seeing large animals like hippos before!

{ Hello! }

And this concludes our trip to the St. Louis Zoo! It was quite fun to spend a few hours squee-ing over super cute penguins and baby animals in the middle of our trip. Hope you enjoyed a little break from your day (and my normal blog posts) for some pictures of cuddly animals!


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