January So Far…

So apparently January is almost over. Hrm. How did that happen? Where did the days, evenings, weekends go? It seems like just yesterday I was reminiscing about 2011 and all the big things that happened during that pivotal year. Since I became a housewife, I’ve found myself losing track of hours and days more often (in addition to feeling lonely and restless) – but this is the first month that I’ve felt genuinely surprised to find myself near the end of.

{ Snow in Spokane }

Did you know that it snowed this week? We were pretty lucky that we didn’t get the brutal beating Seattle did, but I still was told to stay home from work on Friday. It gave me an opportunity to catch up on some laundry and dishes, finally unpack from our trip earlier this month, and walk to the restaurant down the street to enjoy a leisurely lunch while reading The Inlander.  We also learned that Domino’s Pizza will deliver in the middle of a snow storm.

Need I say that I haven’t been to the gym in weeks?

{ At our dear friends’ wedding earlier this month }

We did have an occasion to get dressed up this month, which I whole-heartedly indulged in by finally breaking out the Kate-Middleton-esque dress I bought during the Nordstrom annual sale earlier this year. It was almost a disaster, but thanks to a hastily-located safety pin I remained completely clothed during the entire ceremony (and the majority of the reception…).

Did you hear that Etta James died? I’m thankful we live in the age of high-definition recordings, so that we can still listen to her gift – her voice always conveys such passion, depth, and true soul. I think her true legacy will be At Last: I’m sure Matt and I have danced to the song dozens of times by now. And, though not sung by her for this particular instance, the song is responsible for one of the most iconic images of this century so far in my mind – our first black President dancing with his wife on the night of his inauguration, showing how truly in love and joyous they are.

{ Image source: New York Daily News }

I’ll admit it – this image still brings tears to my eyes.  And a good part of the reason for that is the song they were dancing to.

On a completely different note, Matt has gotten me really into Sons of Anarchy this month.  We’ve started working our way through the seasons (thanks to Amazon Prime’s instant watch feature) and are in the midst of Season 3 – I’m hoping we somehow get caught up before the 5th Season starts later this year.  It probably helps that this newfound obsession means that this guy has been gracing our tv screen for hours every weekend…

Most of the other super exciting things I’ve been doing (and I only mean that kind-of sarcastically) deserve their own posts.  So if you love reading about applying to graduate school and looking at pictures of penguins, make sure to check back in the coming weeks and days – I’ve got plenty of thoughts and/or pictures on both!


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