2011: A Year in Review

Oh New Year’s. I love you and I hate you – kind of like daylight savings time (gimme that extra hour any time, but take an hour away and I’m not a happy camper!).  I love you for your opportunity to celebrate, but don’t particularly care for the introspection and reflection that comes with it.  However, this year scored very highly on the Epic Scale, and could probably use a little recapping.

For example, when the clock struck midnight, my first full year of marriage ended (isn’t that crazy? I feel like an Old Married now, but since we were married in May of 2010, our first full calendar year of marriage wasn’t until 2011).  I feel like we’ve grown individually and as a couple a lot, and I can definitely say I’m more in love than ever! 🙂

But enough mushy stuff! There were also some specific events that made 2011 the year it was. So let’s get on with the recap, shall we?

{ Coffee from Atticus, March 2011 }

January:  We started out the year right with a huge gathering of friends on New Year’s! The month continued with our first snowshoeing adventure and some pageantry.

February: Basically no blog posts this month because I was preparing for what was to come in March, but we did have an excellent visit from Matt’s parents and attended our only Gonzaga game of the season.

March:  I quit my job and became a housewife. If this doesn’t count as a major life shift, I don’t know what does!

April:  Matt and I visited Whidbey Island with my family, where I ran my first marathon in honor of my 26th birthday.  Also Matt gave me the best birthday present ever.

{ Manito Park, June 2011 }

May:  Our first wedding anniversary! We tried a new restaurant for dinner and then watched a movie at home – nice and low-key.

June: We traveled to Bellingham to watch my sister graduate from college, and generally participated in a lot of community events.  I also finally found a maxi skirt that fits!

July: I declared my girl crush on Kate Middleton and we attended a couple of weddings.

August:  August was hard – we adopted a super cute little dog, but took her back to the shelter 2 days later. I still miss Nissa. 😦

{ Sour beer tasting at Cascade Barrel House in Portland, September 2011 }

September: I got my later summer craft on and constructed a big ol’ mirror.  I also went to a bachelorette party in Portland and served as a bridesmaid for two dear friends of ours (Matt was a groomsmen, too!).

October: I experimented with keeping a photo diary of my food, and served as a Maid of Honor to one of the best women (and bloggers!) I know.

November: November is kind of a lost month blog-wise… mostly because I spent the month recovering from Wedding Year and studying like mad for the GREs.  We traveled to Portland for Thanksgiving and enjoyed our time there a lot!

December:  I went on a snowshoeing adventure with some friends, and we stayed in Spokane for Christmas and basically took it easy! I also worked like crazy on my PhD applications (but more about that later in 2012). 🙂

{ Presents under the tree, December 2011 }

I’m excited to get busy making memories in 2012 – hopefully a lot of them will be through checking off items on my 101 in 1001 list! I’m also looking forward to a lot of potential travel: 2012 could be the year of Craven Jet-Setting depending on how things come together in the coming months.  Either way, I plan to continue over-sharing our (probably boring to everyone else) adventures on this little blog for the foreseeable future, so get ready!

Thanks for reading and being here on this little blog with me through 2011!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good year indeed, Matrón! 😀

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