A Snowshoeing Adventure

Yesterday, I went snowshoeing for (technically) the second time ever.  Matt and I took a (very easy) class much earlier this year to acquaint ourselves with the sport and see what it’s all about, but I didn’t really get the full snowshoeing experience until yesterday.  As such, I’m going to say that yesterday counts as my second time in snowshoes, but my first snowshoe adventure ever.

A truck bed full of snowshoes and poles.

Yesterday’s snowshoeing adventure was organized by some dear friends of mine (that are sometimes blog readers? Hi, Janelle!) who are thankfully much more experienced and knowledgeable about what we were doing and where we were going than I was.  They were also infinitely patient as I basically fell down a mountain on the way back – what can I say, I’m graceful like that!  We headed to Mount Spokane to conquer some of the trails there on our way up to Vista House, where we enjoyed the view and some snacks and beverages, and then made our way back to the bottom (and our warm cars).

I will say that I learned a lot while out and about yesterday, and I can’t wait to put it all to good use again on the next adventure.  What did I learn, you ask?  Well first, always bring a camera with you to capture the beautiful snow-covered trees and peaks.  At one point I was literally so distracted by the beauty that I fell over (while protecting my camera, of course).  It was embarrassing – and I blamed it on the wind – but it had to be done.

Holy gorgeous views, Batman!

Second, snowshoeing is better with large groups of people.  We had a 17-person group yesterday, and it ended up being perfect! There were multiple people of every skill level, and it was fun meeting new people and chatting with old friends all the way up and down the mountain.  Plus, the chances of someone bringing beer are infinitely higher with every additional person, and that also makes for a better (and warmer!) expedition.

The crew heading back down the mountain.

Third, make sure both of your rental poles work before arriving at the base.  While the pimp look is fun for a while, it’s not very practical when you’re desperately trying to keep your balance on the steep and slippery slopes.

They only want me for my pimp juice?

And finally, everything is better with a happy-go-lucky dog.  In this case, we had Milo constantly smiling and motivating us to get to the top, and giving us all tons of snuggles when we reached the bottom. I am in awe of this dog’s energy!  And let’s be honest, Milo is totally my new BFF.

Milo, king of the mountain.

By the end of the whole adventure, I knew I was hooked. I can’t wait to get back out there, explore some more areas, and take Matt with me to the top of a mountain to take it all in!  I feel like I’ve finally discovered a winter sport that’s my speed and something that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life – something I never felt when trying snowboarding or skiing.

I’m also looking into purchasing some snowshoes (and two working poles), and it looks like Costco has some good options… though I’ve also heard that waiting until the end of the season  and purchasing them on sale is a good option as well.

Either way, I can tell that there’s a lot more snowshoeing in my future!


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2 Responses to A Snowshoeing Adventure

  1. kalin says:

    we have to costco shoes. one of the poles is janky so we’re going to attempt to exchange it but overall they’re rad. and a nice price.
    when you move to oregon i’ll take you showshoeing. cause you are moving here, right?

    • Becca says:

      Still working on it – hopefully will know sometime in March! But yes, we should totally go snowshoeing in Oregon. I probably won’t make it down before the end of the season this year, but maybe we’ll have the entire season next year! 🙂

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