I tried to think of a coherent theme to write about for today’s blog post – something that flowed nicely between musings about the holidays and observations from work this afternoon – but came up with nothing. Diddly. Squat.  That seems to be the status quo in my brain and on my computer these days, as evidenced by my complete lack of a Personal Statement despite the fact that my Ph.D. applications are due exactly one month from today.

Holy crap.

So instead, it’s 11:45 pm, and I’ve determined that it’s more important for my own sanity to actually finish something today to maybe start the trend of finishing other writing projects in the near future.  And, for the sake of finishing, I will post pictures of the sparkly things currently in my apartment to fill up the required amount of space (a requirement that exists only in my head, of course).

Christmas is in full swing at the Craven household, as evidenced by the return of our glitter-infested-Lisa-Frank-colored 3.5-foot tall tree.  It may be ridiculous, but it’s one of my favorite purchases that I’ve made since we moved into this apartment.

We’ve also added a few pink glittery snowflakes, thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law.  They coordinate with the other pink glittery ornaments perfectly – what are the odds?

I’m also really happy that I have a beautiful camera that’s easy to use and allows me to actually capture high-quality images of the things I love about this season.  It’s going to make compiling this year’s page for the scrapbook so much easier!

Tonight I also engaged in some epic procrastination by busting out the nice china, stemware, and flatware for a little dinner I’m having tomorrow night… I love getting the table all set for special occasions (especially ones that involve copious amounts of the color green).  But more on that later… 🙂



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