Food for Thought: Tuesday through Thursday

I’ve been quite easily distracted this week – mostly by my new-found freedom from the summer job and by a LOT of Calculus homework and studying.   But really, I’ve just temporarily become bad at prioritizing my responsibilities – and I don’t even really count the maintenance and updating of this little space of mine as a true responsibility, anyway!

I did follow through with taking pictures of my food for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, though.  Which is good, because I definitely slacked on the tracking on my phone… I may try to retroactively fill in the gaps on that one, but let’s be honest – I’m just really not that motivated. 🙂

Tuesday started out well and ended with a loooong happy hour date with some of my favorite ladies in Spokane!

Breakfast was a piece of toast with a Laughing Cow, an iced vanilla latte (homemade with my Tassimo) and a fresh Washington apple (Gala, always Gala!) with some peanut butter.  A plate with a little bit of everything, for sure!

Lunch was some leftover taco filling from Monday night, and the rest of the leftover couscous I had sitting in our fridge.  The taco filling was really good – definitely not required to be eaten in a tortilla!

Afternoon snacks consisted of some pepperjack cheese and baby carrots – I always forget I have baby carrots because they’re small and I usually don’t cook with them. Does anyone else do that? It’s like finding a present in your vegetable drawer when you remember that they’re there!


Aaaand we’ve now reached the crappy dark photos portion of this post.  Happy hour was pretty stereotypical in that it included booze and slightly upscale bar food (we went to Vintages @ 611 and Hop Shop).  I stuck with wine for the evening, and shared a plate of cheese fries with my lady friends.  There were also a few other bites here and there of a cheese plate and some delicious bread, but whatever! Close enough!

Aaaaand then it was time for Wednesday, at which point I realized I had a calculus test the next day and went into crazy last-minute study mode.  Consequently, food suffered.

The primary example of this desperate study mode? Relying on drive-thrus. As such, my breakfast was a white mocha and a spinach-feta-egg-white-wrap from Starbucks. Not my first choice, but kept me from cooking and jump-started my studying for the day.

Lunch was a can of Campbell’s soup – I think it’s the Campbell’s Select southwestern vegetable variety.  I ate the whole can and was starving no more than an hour later, at which point I looked at the can and realized it contained a TOTAL of 100 calories (50 calories per serving).  Obviously saving all my studying for the day before the test wasn’t the only poor decision I’ve made this week!

To make up for my low calorie intake for lunch, I had an early snack of some pepperjack cheese and a handful of tortilla chips.  We have the most delicious tortilla chips from Costco right now – I don’t know what they do to them, but they’re so salty and crunchy and delicious… it’s hard to stop eating them!

(Sorry for more crappy photography!)  Dinner was had at one of my favorite restaurants in Spokane.  I had the Swimming Angel – supposedly a Thai dish featuring peanut sauce, but I’ve only ever had it at pubs – with tofu instead of chicken. Yum!

And then it was Thursday! The day of the test!  I’m a nervous not-eater, so I didn’t have breakfast until pretty late in the day and skipped lunch all together.

Breakfast was really more of a late late brunch, and consisted of a homemade Egg McMuffin (Morningstar sausage patty, a scrambled egg, some pepperjack cheese, and a hamburger bun) and a glass of apple juice.  I hardly ever drink bottled juice (I prefer to drink calories in the form of lattes or alcohol), but we have a bunch of extra apple juice laying around from Matt’s cider projects and I thought a glass might help my energy level and memory.

It didn’t.

After I failed tried hard at my test, I had a snack of baby carrots, some Wisconsin cheddar, and another handful of tortilla chips.  Much needed sustenance!

And finally, because I believe you should succeed at something every day, I made a big ol’ dinner that was pretty delicious.  Unfortunately, due to a bit of miscommunication, I was the only one that ended up eating the potatoes au gratin, baked tofu, and steamed broccoli I prepared – but that just means I have potatoes to eat for the next few days!

Things I’ve learned photographing my food this week: 1. people get confused when you whip out a camera in a public place to take a picture of what you’re eating; 2. it’s hard to remember to take a picture and track the calories of everything; 3. I really need to learn to plate and photograph food better before publishing more of this kind of thing.


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