Food for Thought

I promise I’m not turning this into a food blog (or, even worse, a “healthy living” blog), but as I try and get myself back to a healthy, normalized eating and exercise schedule, I thought it’d be kind of interesting to actually look at what I consume every day this week.  Whoa, holy run-on sentence!

I’m also tracking everything in an app on my Droid, but there’s just something different about a visual reference that you don’t get through the numbers alone.  So if you hate these kinds of things (or find them triggering), I apologize in advance, but I’m going to try one of these for every night this week.


Home-made Egg McMuffin (one egg scrambled with Morningstar Sausage and some Wisconsin cheddar).  The gross-looking green stuff is some Super Food.


Snacks were boring today, mostly because we didn’t have running water for about 6 hours – no washing veggies or boiling anything.  I did miraculously remember to fill the kettle before the water was turned off, though, so I had a cup of green tea and 2 handfuls of M&Ms before class.


Lunch was a random mish-mash off stuff (also due to not having running water – I wanted a salad but couldn’t wash any spinach or other veggies!).  2 servings of leftover couscous, some sauteed veggies (green onions, mushrooms, and red bell pepper), and large dollop of spicy vegetarian refried beans.


Dinner tonight was an adventure, though it probably doesn’t look like it!  We had Tofu and Black Bean Tacos (off of this week’s menu plan) along with some sauteed peppers and mushrooms, topped with Wisconsin cheddar and sour cream, AND… on homemade tortillas! But more on that tomorrow…

I also had a big glass of milk with dinner, because I’m one of those full-grown adults that still drinks big glasses of milk with dinner.  And it was delicious.

So that’s what I ate today! My phone tells me it was about 1900 calories of home-made deliciousness, which is just about right considering I used our lack of running water as an excuse to do… oh, mostly nothing. 🙂 Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get at least one salad in there.


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