Favorite Sweaters for Fall

My throat feels like it’s been sandblasted, my face like I’ve been punched directly in the sinuses.  Yes, with all the craziness in the past few weeks (the late nights, the free drinks, the stress and merriment), I really shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve been hit with my first cold of the season!  But here I sit, snuggled in a blanket on my chair, sipping some tea with honey and not really planning on moving any time soon.

Our bachelor after his bachelor party last Thursday; this picture is a pretty perfect representation of how I currently feel.

ANYWAY, because it’s cold (only 40 degrees when I woke up this morning!) and I don’t feel good and all I want to do is snuggle, I think now is the perfect time to talk about Fall sweaters.  As an about-to-be-unemployed housewife that’ll spend most of her Fall and Winter days either in math classes with 18-year-old boys or puttering around my apartment doing chores, there’s really no reason for me to be spending money on a wardrobe of cute sweaters this year.  But thanks to the internet, a girl can still dream. And dream I will!

On the list of things I’ve been obsessing over, the impending start of the new Mad Men season is high on the list (seriously, they’re killing me with this wait!).  I do love all the Mad-Men-inspired fashions out there, and I feel like this is the most versatile and sharp sweater I’ve seen.

The Neckerchief Sweater from Anthropologie is $78, and you can take it from Peggy-esque (with a pencil skirt) to Betty-esque (with some super skinny jeans and riding boots).

One of the trends I’m currently loving is the embellishment of EVERYTHING. Sequins, rhinestones, shine, bling, be still my heart!

This embellished sweater only has sequins on the shoulders, making it perfect for someone with narrow shoulders like me.  It’s only $59 from Piperlime – maybe I can make some room in my budget after all…

But it’s cold outside! And we’re supposed to be talking about cozy sweaters!  I prefer my cozy sweaters to be versatile – wearable on the warmer fall days and the coldest winter days.

That’s why I love this nordic-themed cardigan from Nordstrom (the fact that it’s $54 also helps!).  It’s patterned AND has short sleeves, which makes it completely wearable – over a tank top or t-shirt for now, and over a turtleneck (and maybe some long underwear…) in a few months.

Also in the cozy category for me are sweater coats and jackets.  They’re like regular jackets that you can take a nap in – a win for everyone!

I love this ($42) chocolate sweater jacket from Old Navy because it’s coat-like in all the right places, but still looks warm and cuddly.  It’s also another versatile piece – it can dress up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or go over a dress when heading to a Christmas party.  Or, let’s be honest, dress up a pair of hole-filled sweatpants when heading outside to get the mail in November.

And finally, what would a round-up of sweaters be without a sweater dress?  I tend to shy away from these mostly because I’m tall and they typically only cover part of one butt-cheek, but with the advent of jeggings a whole new world of possibilities has been opened to me!

Since we’re only worried about partially covering our bums, might as well get this sweater dress from Victoria’s Secret for $79.50.   The belt makes the dress, though, so the shopping… er, day-dreaming… will have to continue…

My teacup is now cold, and my tissue box is empty, so it’s time to find my cozy sweatshirt (fine, fine, it’s actually my sister’s old high-school basketball sweatshirt – I told you we were daydreaming here!) and hit the sack for a nap.  I’m hoping to feel better and rejoin the Land of the Living tomorrow!


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2 Responses to Favorite Sweaters for Fall

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love this nordic themed cardigan, so cosy! 🙂 Jen xoxo http://mystylisticlife.wordpress.com

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