Menu Plan Monday

Two of our dearest friends are getting married (to each other) this week – in our city, no less!  So most of the week will be spent catching up with old friends, having lots of people over, and generally running around like crazy people trying to get ready for the wedding!  Consequently, the first half of this week will be dinners that allow for lots of leftovers (so that we have food on hand for friendly snackers), and the second half of the week will feature no cooking at all.  Love – and good food – is in the air!

Monday:  Sweet Potato Chili

Tuesday: Baked Ziti with Spinach

Wednesday:  Dinner feast for the out-of-towners, including mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, roasted veggies, and baked chicken/tofu

Thursday:  Bachelor/Bachelorette Party – out and about Spokane! I’ll be making a few treats for the party, though, like caprese-on-a-stick and spinach-artichoke dip.

Friday:  Rehearsal dinner! No cooking today.

Saturday:  Wedding! No cooking today.

Sunday:  Let’s be honest – ordering pizza!

Check out OrgJunkie’s website for more menu-plans and -planners!


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