Pig Out in the Park

Yesterday, after a hard afternoon of work with tons of customers, Matt and I decided to partake in one of Spokane’s most beloved yearly traditions – Pig Out in the Park.  I love how full of people Riverfront Park is during the event; it’s fun to see families and groups of high-schoolers and old married couples enjoying good local food and keeping each other company.

I made a bee-line for Taste of India’s stand, knowing they’d have some excellent vegetarian fare just waiting for me.  And they definitely didn’t disappoint!  Some chana masala…

… and incredibly delicious garlic naan happily made their way to my belly for dinner.  I don’t make it up to Taste of India very often, so I’m more than happy to partake in their food when they’re downtown!

Matt also got some good food from one of Spokane’s few true food trucks – Mommy G’s.  They make a mean grilled cheese, that’s for sure!  This one had several different cheeses, fresh avocado, and bacon.  Nom!

While we were waiting for Matt’s sandwich, this super cute little boy begged his mom to let him go up to the window of the Mommy G’s truck.  When he got there, he excitedly asked “Are you going to be on The Great Food Truck Race? It’s my favorite show!”  Then he chatted with the counter girl about the show and promised that he’d vote for Mommy G’s to be on next season.  It was totally awesome – definitely a little foodie in the making!

We intended to watch the Marcy Playground concert while we were down there (does this song bring back junior high memories for anyone else?) but got the timing wrong.  Instead we caught most of a Carbon Leaf show from the beer garden – they were a fun festival band with a bit of an Irish influence.  We also enjoyed some Northern Lights beers while we were at it – and then called it a night.  What can I say, it was a really long day!  I was sound asleep in bed by 10pm.

It’s kind of weird to think that this could be my last Pig Out in the Park ever, what with potentially moving for school in the next year.  One of my first memories of Spokane is attending Pig Out in the Park with freshman year dorm-mates eight long years ago – and getting lost as we tried to find our way back to campus.  I’m glad I went one final time to let my Spokane experience basically come full circle!

PS – sorry for the incredibly bad photo quality.  It was dark, I was tired, etc.


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3 Responses to Pig Out in the Park

  1. Rachel says:

    Yummm, I got the same meal last year at one point and might go back for it again tomorrow! Also I’m glad you got to see Carbon Leaf – one of their songs was on one of those “On the Mountain” CDs from 103.7 in Seattle that I listened to like every day freshman year, and I saw them open for Great Big Sea around the same time – so file that under the full circle-ness of this year’s Pig Out 🙂

    • Becca says:

      I totally forgot that Carbon Leaf was part of that fateful concert… 🙂 I can’t handle this nostalgia that comes with “final” Spokane events; it’s making my head hurt. Perhaps this is why I’m one of the few left in this town.

      Also we need to eat Taste of India more often.

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