DIY Sunburst Mirror

As soon as I saw this mirror making the rounds on the internet earlier this summer, I knew it would be perfect for above my fireplace.  I’ve had a small rectangular white mirror on the mantel since we moved in, but it was definitely the wrong size for the space.

So, I went to Lowe’s and bought more shims than a normal person probably buys in their lifetime.  I also bought glue, but if I’ve learned anything from my other craft endeavors, it’s that I’ll buy the wrong glue at least 3 times before purchasing the right stuff.

I stacked the shims together in sets of 5.  It was an interesting endeavor because they were all different sizes and thicknesses, so getting them to look uniform was a challenge.  I also don’t have any large, hard, flat surfaces to work on, so newspaper on the carpet it was!

The sets all got glued together – looks kind of art deco to me!

And after a coat of silver spray paint and some clear matte finish (adventures in spray painting is another post for another day, let me tell you), a giant wooden sunburst mirror was born.

The mirror in the center is 14″ in diameter, if that tells you how large this thing is.  I think the whole thing is about 36″ in diameter, though I haven’t measured it.

I know my mantel needs a bit of work (ha! A bit!), but a larger mirror is definitely a start.  Some day when I have a yard and some decent weather I’ll probably touch up the paint a little – make it a bit more even – but for now I’m happy enough with it!

This is probably my last home craft project for a while – at least until after wedding season concludes!  In the meantime, I’ll be working on a few things for a few weddings, and contemplating things for next Spring!


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