Remember that time…

… when I had a blog that I updated on a regular basis (and not just with lists of food that I’ll be cooking for the week)?  Yeah, neither do I…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, what with my summer job winding down, my sister moving to town, and the upcoming “wedding season” and the planning that goes along with that.  I’ve never been happier with the way my life is – I have time for all of the important people and once-in-a-lifetime events going on around me, and I’m more than happy to dedicate the majority of my time and energy to the things that mean so much.

However, I’ve been missing the productive “me time” that I’d planned on having all summer.  I definitely have plenty of me time, most of which is spent watching waaayyy too much reality tv and stuffing my face, but I don’t get much done by myself and for myself these days.  It’s time to put my game face on and get back into the swing of things, checking items off my to-do list on a daily basis.

One thing that always helps me is having a static, must-do item that’s the same every day.  Getting into the habit of getting up and getting something done would definitely be a good idea, especially as I prepare to start up classes again and get back into the school mindset.  Productivity begets productivity, you know?

So this month is going to be all about recommitting myself to the blog in the hopes that it’ll inspire some action in other areas.  A blog post a day? I think I can handle it!


About Becca

Wife. Runner. Baker. Pretzel-maker. Hey, that rhymes!
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