“Weekend” Cleanse Follow-Up

Lesson learned:  when doing a cleanse, don’t go get a massage at the day spa that gives all clients truffles at the end of a service.  You will devour said truffle in seconds and throw all pretenses of detoxing anything out the window before you can even sign the check.

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I did wake up this morning feeling much better than I have in quite a while.  My face looked less puffy, and I felt smaller.  I did have a pretty killer lack-of-caffeine-and-sugar headache, though… which probably indicates that I should eat and/or drink less than both of them, but what can I say? I love a morning mocha.

Ideally I’d have continued with the detox until tomorrow morning to get the full 48 hours in, but oh well.  I made it until 3pm today and have never appreciated a piece of chocolate (or the 3 servings of pita chips that I felt entitled to after that truffle) more!

So thanks, Brick House, for a fantastic massage today, and for also giving me an excuse to reunite with carbs 12 hours early.  I think I’ll continue drinking a lot of water (some with lemon juice) and putting a heavy focus on getting more servings of fresh veggies in my diet, but in general I’m looking forward to some cheese, coffee and wine tomorrow!


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