Scenes From This Weekend

I’ve definitely had an eventful past couple of days!  Some of the most important people in my life made it over to Spokane this weekend, and I definitely enjoyed getting to spend time with everyone.

First we helped my sister move a bunch of stuff into her new Spokane apartment! She’s not here for good yet, but will be in less than a month.  It’ll be so nice to have some family in town after 8 years of being on my own here!  She has a pretty awesome apartment, too: big windows (with a bit of a view!), old brick, and some fresh carpeting.

We also had the distinct pleasure of watching two fabulous friends tie the knot on Saturday.  I broke out a new dress ($39.95 at Nordstrom Rack!) just for the occasion.  Matt looked pretty snazzy, too, in his jacket and tie.

Congratulations, Liz and Adam, and we can’t wait for the big celebration in October!  Rachel was looking pretty fab, too, don’t you think?  I just really wish I wasn’t perpetually mid-blink in every photo ever.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that my dahlias are finally blooming!  I love how brightly colored they are – I’ve got 5 blooming right now and many more budding to bloom soon.  I’m just shocked that I didn’t kill them all, because I usually have such a black thumb!

They’re really brightening up our porch this summer and bringing some life to a very not-green space.  I might have to try this whole gardening thing again next year!

I’m looking forward to a slightly more relaxing week than this weekend, but there’ll definitely be some blog-worthy happenings to report on!  Bring it on, Monday!


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