Fashion Inspiration: The Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Ah, it’s that time of year again: when the Fall fashions are discounted before the season has even begun, and everyone goes nuts trying to predict what will be in and what they’ll wear and snag a bargain.  I love this time of year!

The Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale and I go waaaay back – to the summer before I left for college, when my mom decided that I needed to learn how to wear makeup (because I refused to wear any ever) and better clothes (re: jeans of any sort and not basketball shorts or sweats) and took me shopping at the Sale.  I have since embraced foundation and mascara and real pants, don’t worry, and I still enjoy perusing the Sale and making a purchase or two! My favorite pair of boots came out of the Sale two years ago, and I wear them religiously for far longer into Spring than I probably should.

This year’s Sale is full of fun stuff that I’m coveting – and while I’ve somehow managed to keep my trigger finger off the “checkout” button so far, I’m not sure how much longer I can last.

Check out this fantastic navy blue dress.  Doesn’t it just scream Kate Middleton?  It’s a total steal at $78.90, and I can already think of about 10 different events I could wear this to: grad school interviews, Christmas Eve mass, winter wedding rehearsal dinners…

I love the pop of color that this yellow pencil skirt provides during a typically neutral-filled season.  And it’s such a classic silhouette that you really can’t go wrong.  Plus it’s only $45.90.  Ugh, I’m selling myself on this more and more!

Step away from the owl pendants, ladies! I firmly believe that this season’s “owl” is going to be the peacock, and I’m already in love with this dressy pendant necklace that highlights the plumage of this bird with rhinestones.   Okay, mostly I just love rhinestones.  But this necklace is ah-may-zing.

If there were rules for the Sale, rule #1 would be that you should always stock up on basics before Fall/Winter season begins while things are discounted.  I feel like these neutral booties totally count as a basic in this case. Enough of a heel to highlight great legs and closed-toe to keep those feet warm when the temperatures dip, these are definitely a winner!

Alright, I think I’ve done it – these purchases are going to have to be made. *sigh* This blog has officially become a bad influence on me.


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