My Summer Table

I’ve been a bit light on the posting these days, but not light on the projects.  I perfected my summer table a while ago and have been enjoying my meals in a summery burst of colors ever since.

I love the combination of orange, yellow, and sky blue with touches of white for summer – definitely mimics the sky I see outside every day!

A table set for two, because we’re so romantic (ha!).

With a table this bright, there was no sense in over-powering it with a big bouquet of bright blooms – a few sprigs of Baby’s Breath and some greens did the trick quite nicely.

I picked up the two white lanterns for less than $8 each at Pier 1 – and they can definitely be used outside or for other purposes throughout the house this summer as well!  The table runner and yellow napkins all came from World Market (my Western Washington self will forever refer to it as Cost Plus, though!).  I’m in love with the details on this runner – I’d use one for every season if I could find the right color combinations.

The neutral placemats are wedding registry items from last year – and something I’ve used every season since.  They’re so versatile and I’m so happy with them!  I feel like everyone should get some, because they’re so. easy. to coordinate colors with.  My blue plates are also wedding registry items.  Both sets are from Crate and Barrel.


Even though I love this table, is it wrong that I’m anxiously awaiting Fall and the opportunity to get the autumn decorations out?  I guess I’ll hold out for a bit longer and soak in the sunshine in the meantime! ;D


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