Kate Middleton: Girl Crush

Okay okay, we all know that Kate Middleton looked fabulous when she walked down the aisle a few months ago.  A “regular girl” walking down the aisle in a gorgeous dress (and wearing a tiara borrowed from the Queen of England herself!) to meet her Prince and coming out a Princess Duchess? It may have been 4am, but I basically swooned at home in my chair while wearing my jammies.

But since the wedding, Princess Duchess Katherine has looked absolutely impeccable every time she’s stepped out in public.  Her fashion sense is so elegant and refined – from her choice to usually wear sleeves and hardly ever reveal cleavage, to her decisions on colors and patterns – that I’m sure we’ll be celebrating her fashion icon status well into this century.  I would give many many things to be able to go shopping with her (or, you know, just steal borrow a few pieces of her wardrobe).  These are a few of my recent faves of hers:

This cream dress that she’s worn before always looks stunning on her. I love that she proudly wears the same dress again – something that we can all relate to, I’m sure, but that we hardly ever see with world figures!

I can’t even handle this lace dress – and her choice of accessories! Such a great outfit – I’d love to wear this to a dressy wedding or some other special event.

And her hats! My God her hats… I can think of a couple of other Princesses that could take some pointers from Kate on the hat front.

Even when she’s not dressing for  a special event she manages to look fantastic.  Probably my favorite thing that she’s worn since tying to knot is this gorgeous red dress – and she wore it to the grocery store of all places!  Considering my grocery shopping attire regularly consists of worn-out sweats with inappropriate holes, I could definitely take a few tips from her on this one.  I’d definitely give quite a bit to get my hands on this number.  I’m sure Matt wouldn’t mind the price tag to get me looking like that, either! 😀

Kate’s embarked on her first trip to North America as a member of the Royal family, and I can’t wait to see what she’s got up her sleeve for the Los Angeles portion of her trip!  She’ll definitely be classing up LA, that’s for sure!  And in the meantime, I’ll keep shopping for my new collection of fascinators… inspired by Kate, of course.


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