A Lazy Afternoon and a Secret Garden

Today has been peacefully low-key: I’m enjoying our first day of 80-degree-plus weather by soaking up the sunshine and sipping on some Izze (sold at Costco by the case and with a coupon this month!) on the porch.

Before I started lounging, I actually got out of the apartment and joined the community for a bit.  I enjoyed a cup of chai from my favorite study spot while wandering around downtown with a good friend (and former coworker!) for a bit; we discussed life, changes, athletics, and everything in between.

After we parted ways, I headed up to Spokane’s beloved Manito Park to take in the sights and watch the children frolic.  I also saw two couples, each one being tailed by a photographer, taking engagement portraits among the flower beds and trees – what a perfect day for photos! I especially love Manito because I feel like I’m discovering something new every time I’m there.  Today, for instance, I discovered these gorgeous arches framing a fountain in Duncan gardens.  I knew the fountain was there, but had never seen the arches before! They’d be a perfect place to take some wedding or prom shots.

I’d also never really noticed the small reflecting pool just past the fountain, and how pretty it looks dressed up in white flowers for Summer.  I think it might even be original to when the park was first established. So vintage!


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