Calla Lilies

I’ve never appreciated calla lilies as much as I should.  I remember being asked if I wanted them in my bouquets by my wedding florist and being like “oh god no, I want big flowers! with lots of petals!” and just moving on (Ann, if you’re reading this, your wedding bouquets quickly made me realize my egregious error).  But I swear, I keep seeing beautiful lilies in vibrant colors all over the place and falling in love.

I found these beautiful lilies at Costco (of all places!) this afternoon.  They’re burnt orange/burgundy and transition to a vibrant yellow – I have never seen such gorgeous calla lilies in all my life.

I had not one but two older ladies stop me as I was wandering around Costco looking for black beans and tell me how gorgeous these flowers were.  And now, they’re gracing my kitchen counter (and soon moving to me dining room table), in a large vase where each can be seen individually and appreciated for it’s own unique coloring.

I may have a new favorite flower.


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One Response to Calla Lilies

  1. Ann Foreyt says:

    Haha! Lilies are beautiful, but you’re right — they take a quieter sort of appreciation. The one you’ve found are GORGEOUS! Quite stunning!

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