Things Making Me Happy Right Now

Calculus is stressing. me. out. this week.  I’ve seriously been doing nothing but pouring over the problems, books, and my class notes for the last two days solid (seriously, I didn’t even leave the apartment today) just so I can hopefully get a C on this test and stay in the class.  I don’t know how all the kids that are in class with me keep their heads above water in this class and all of their others. Ugh, the things we do for our dreams.

I’ve been trying to keep myself sane and remind myself that there are things besides math books and laundry in the world – though I haven’t experienced them much in the past few days.  These are some of the things I’m especially missing – or enjoying, as the case may be!

Beautiful peonies.  Photo from Centsational Girl.

The blogs have been full of flowers these days, and it’s awesome because my dahlias are… lacking, to be nice.  It’s hard to find large quantities of pretty flowers like these around these parts – we don’t have the buckets like Pike Place does, that’s for sure – but I’m determined to make sure there are always fresh flowers in the house this spring/summer!  I can’t wait to go get a bouquet after my test tomorrow.

I think a giant sale at Nordstrom is pretty self-explanatory, especially since the number of dress-up events to attend this summer/fall keeps expanding exponentially on me.  And online shopping has always been one of my most favorite procrastination activities.

Did anyone else catch the season finale of Modern Family tonight? I just about fell off my chair at the sexy phone.  I think Matt thought I’d lost it, but hey! That’s what two solid days of studying does to this brain.

So You Think You Can Dance starts again tomorrow.  I am a dance movie/tv fanatic, and will be watching the hell out of this show again this year.  I love it all – Nigel, the cheesy modern routines, everything.  And maybe Alex will be returning again this year? *sigh* A girl can dream…

In case you thought that all I care about is shopping and television, I also care about the weather! And the Seattle girl in me is secretly thrilled at the warm rain that’s projected over the next few days.  Bring on the galoshes and hoodies!

If you are what you eat, then I should be green and have a spear on the top of my head.  I can’t get enough of the fresh asparagus that’s starting to pop up everywhere (especially Farmer’s Market asparagus that’s always extra delicious) and want it all the time.  Yummmmm.

Life will return to normal Thursday afternoon after this stupid test is over and done with – send some good vibes my way around 10:30am if you think of it!


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4 Responses to Things Making Me Happy Right Now

  1. Rachel says:

    Yessss! You can do it! Can we watch SYTYCD together? Or at least GChat it?

    • Becca says:

      Um, DUH. 😀 I’m up for either – you know where to find me! (and I can come pick you up after your meeting if you need a ride… *wink wink*)

  2. amy b.s. says:

    i couldn’t be more happy for the half-yearly sale at nordies. they’d better have some great stuff!

    • Becca says:

      Me too! I’ve been checking it out online and have seen some great dresses and shoes that will be good for dressy events, but won’t be able to make it into the store until the weekend. 😦

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