First Day of Work Outfit

Today I’m officially returning to the ranks of the employed! It feels like just yesterday I was writing about spending my last day at The Job about the transition to home-making or domestic engineering or whatever you want to call it.

But here I am! Less than 2 months later, and I’m about to rejoin the working world and start my Summer Job.  I’ll only be working 15-20 hours a week, but I’ll feel so much better when I’m actually contributing to the money again – and not just spending down my savings!

First days are always crazy – getting security badges, learning tons of new names and faces, and making first impressions.  A huge part is always what you wear, and especially since the Summer Job is a bit more… artistic? creative?… than The Job was, I feel like I can be a bit more fun with my fashion choices.

First Day on the Job

I bought some cute black flats (like these, but black-on-black) at Nordstrom Rack yesterday for only $22, and I think they’re going to be a staple at the Summer Job since I’ll be on my feet a lot.  Other than that, dress is business casual, so I foresee a lot of khakis and cardigans in my future! I love mixing stripes and floral prints, too, and think this is just the kind of job that can handle trendier fashion choices.

Hopefully this outfit will make a great first impression and get me off to a good start at my new job!


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