Spring Time Planting

The past few months have been marked by unusually cold and rainy weather, really making it feel like Spring had un-sprung itself and kind of left us in the lurch.  But then, this happened:

Oh sweet sunshine, thank you for finally gracing us with your presence!  Sunshine and lush, green grass can make anyone feel like it’s really Spring time.  Unfortunately we live in a second-floor apartment, and thus our garden- and grass-laying abilities are minimal – for the most part we’re stuck experiencing them through our neighbors and other Spokane landmarks. BUT, while lamenting the fact that we’re not homeowners, it’s been nice to see the creativity that others have displayed when creating lush landscapes in their own off-ground spaces.

Scanned from Big Style for Small Rooms magazine (from the Better Homes and Gardens family).

I love these colorful pots installed on a fence (or a balcony wall, as the case may be!).  A perfect way to add some literal life and color to a drab and functional wall.  It’s nice to see a bit of garden in an unexpected place.

Pallet Garden from Life on a Balcony (found via Apartment Therapy).

This ingenious use of a discarded pallet has had me lusting after the pallets by the grocery store dumpster.  Seriously, Matt noticed me looking longingly in that direction the last time we were at the store together and wondered if I’d finally lost it.  I hadn’t, I was just envisioning beautiful plants stacked on our balcony.

While everyone else is busy making these beautiful living displays of Spring, I’m just willing my little dahlias to grow in their pots.  And it might not be hopeless! All of my pots have a green sprout or two poking out of the soil, probably a result of the last few days of sunshine shining on to our balcony.

Dahlias starting to make it out of the soil!

This might be the first year that my black thumb doesn’t make an appearance.  At least until I decide to have herbs in the kitchen…

Happy Spring planting, everyone!


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