A Yarn Wreath

I’ve been lusting after yarn wreaths ever since I saw them on Your Wishcake a few months ago.  I already have a Christmas wreath and something to hang under our apartment number for the Fall, but nothing for the in-between!

So a few weeks ago I picked up a styrofoam flower circle “thing” (I’m good with technical names, obviously) and a skein of yarn to wrap around it.  Side note: did you know that Vanna White has her own yarn line?  Neither did I.  But it’s pretty awesome that she could put her name on just about anything and chose yarn (that’s carried by Joann’s, no less).

During the Royal Wedding – or, rather, while trying to keep my eyes open until it started – I wrapped the yarn tightly around the styrofoam wreath, completing two full circles.

After that I glued some fabric flowers made out of scraps, a sprig of “berries” acquired for 99-cents at Joann’s, and some sparkly things left over from my childhood Bedazzler (no joke!) to the wreath to finish it off and add some color.

Love it!  This guy is gracing our front door now, greeting our apartment guests as they come into our home.

I used this flower tutorial and this wreath-wrapping tutorial to help me complete this craft project, but I’m sure that there are lots of other great tutorials out there.  It was a quick, fun little craft to keep my hands busy for a few hours!


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One Response to A Yarn Wreath

  1. Devon Smith says:

    This looks awesome Becca! Nice work.

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