A Fantasy Spokane Wedding

When planning our Spring 2010 wedding, we basically had three location options to work with: Spokane (where we live), Seattle (where I’m from), or Portland (where Matt’s from).  We ended up going with Portland, and had a beautiful wedding that was a blast in May, 2010!  But, still being surrounded by weddings and wedding planning a year later, I’ve been day-dreaming about the Spokane wedding that could’ve been… and it’s fun to think about how different it would be!

I’d start with a ceremony at the grand and gorgeous St. Aloysius Church on the Gonzaga University campus.  Of all the churches I’ve been to in Spokane (and I’ve been to a few!) this is by far the most visually stunning. This place also holds a lot of memories for me, so that’s an added plus!


The church is so lovely inside, but it’s just as beautiful outside.   The columns, brickwork, and stairs make it a classic backdrop for wonderful wedding photos.  And yes, those are bells in those towers – so you can end your ceremony with a lovely serenade of bells as you make your escape in your getaway car (just like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, eh?).

After the ceremony, we’d all jet off to the beautiful outdoor reception in the amphitheater of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture – one of my favorite places in Spokane.

This is a beautiful outdoor space that connects to the inside and is just so. gorgeous. in the sunshine!  I’d want the tables to be on the flat concrete area to the right, and the various levels of the amphitheater dressed with candles and flowers – but still open to allow guests to sit on them after the tables have been removed for dancing!

I’d also love to cover these trellises with some beautiful flowers to get that climbing effect, and maybe intersperse a few paper lanterns here or there.  Can you imagine the Romeo-and-Juliet-esque photos that could be taken here?  Simply gorgeous.

So here comes the really fun stuff!


I long-ago decided that Maggie Sottero is the only dress designer for me (my wedding dress was a Maggie Sottero that I loved!), and a big bold beautiful Maggie would be the only thing I’d wear for my pretend Spokane wedding.  The Dawn dress on the left is a bit more traditional – but with pockets, my new favorite dress accessory – and the Giselle dress on the right is a funkier take on a traditional gown style.


My maids would be dressed in bright jewel tones – purples, blues, greens – from the After Six line.  I love how sleek, modern, and colorful their lines are, and think they’d perfectly complement a bright, colorful wedding. I’d choose this blue dress for a tea-length look, or this green dress for a traditional floor-length gown.

Photo credit.

I’d love to carry a colorful and sparkly brooch bouquet down the aisle to have something a little unique in the ceremony (and to take to the reception!).  I’ve loved this idea ever since I saw it on Emmaline Bride a couple of months ago, and think it would fit in perfectly with a colorful wedding!

Photo credit.

Photo credit.

I’d have every surface covered in bright and beautiful colors, both in flowers and in vases and glassware on the tables.  Colored votive holders and glasses, unique and varied vases, and big blooms (like hydrangeas and poppies) would serve as centerpieces; other tables would have little varied vignettes with the same elements and bold patterned linens as well.

Photo credit.

In place of a traditional wedding cake, I’d love to have a tiered set of fruit tarts (like this delicious-looking one inspired by the Royal Wedding).  I’d use a stand to stack them on top of each other to still get that tiered cake look.

And last but not least, I’d have a photobooth (from The Northwest Photobooth Company) set up on the side of the reception and encourage my guests to take both silly and serious photos to help us remember the big day.  I know they’re kind of overdone now, but there’s nothing like a series of crazy photographs to bring back memories of the love and happiness experienced during a wedding.

So there you have it, a sneak peak into where I’d start with planning a Spokane wedding – if I hadn’t already had a fantastic Portland one!  If you’re planning a Spokane wedding and looking for more ideas, check out Apple Brides, one of my favorite Spokane area blogs!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    That first dress? Yeah, that was my runner-up. LOVE IT, and it was stunning on.

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