Celebrating Our Anniversary

We received such an outpouring of love from our family and friends on Sunday that it hardly seemed to require any additional celebration.  But, being the newlyweds (I’m milking that for as long as I possibly can!) that we are, we had to celebrate on our own at least a little bit! There were just a few contingencies on any plans for celebrating our first anniversary:  it had to be (relatively) cheap, and it had to fit into one evening – nothing extravagant, in other words.

After much debate, we determined that we should try out a new restaurant and then watch a movie at home – easy, simple, and full of quality time for just the two of us. And since Savory had caught my eye ever since the building had miraculously transformed from a Blockbuster to a restaurant in a matter of a few months, it was at the top of our list of things to try (the good reviews didn’t hurt, either).

We started out with his- and hers-drinks: a pomegranate martini for her, and a microbrew for him.  I loved the color of this drink – a deep magenta – and it was sufficiently sweet, too!

We ordered an appetizer of the home-made fries, which came with home-made ketchup and home-made aioli.  I could skip the ketchup all together, but the aioli was to die for!

For dinner Matt had an undocumented steak that was cooked just the way he likes it and really hit the spot.  I had the “spring pasta” which was full of thick noodles, pesto, leeks and peas and topped with shaved parmesan.  Cheesy and delicious!  I was a bit disappointed in the lack of vegetarian entree options (the pasta was the only one) – but I’ll forgive only having one vegetarian option if it’s as good as this was!

After dinner we headed home to enjoy some gourmet cupcakes for dessert (from the best cupcakery in Spokane!) and pick out a movie.  We ended up picking out Paper Heart, which was sufficiently cute and entertaining.  Charlyne definitely reminds me a lot of myself!  And Michael Cera is always so endearing to me – I know a lot have grown tired of him playing the same character in every movie ever, but I secretly still love him.

And if there’s anything we’ve learned over the course of this year, it’s that I still can’t take pictures of the two of us together myself. 😀

Here’s to another year of happiness!


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