Dressing for Royalty

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there’s a pretty big event in London on Friday.  The coverage starts at the perfectly acceptable hour of 1am over here on the West Coast, but I will definitely be watching.  My mother instilled a healthy fascination with all things royal in me while we were growing up, so how could I not?

In my dream life, I get to go to the royal wedding tomorrow and hob-knob with some of the most awesome people in the world.  The Thorpedo is taking me as his date, and we’ll sit at a table with HRH the Crown Princess of Sweden and her husband the Prince – obviously they’ll then make me Swedish royalty, too.  I’ve always wanted to be a Baroness!

So what does one wear to a royal wedding to not give away the fact that they obviously don’t belong at such an elegant and prestigious event?  According to the invites, women are requested to wear morning coats or lounge suits, which BBC has helpfully translated into real world terms for us non-royals.  Hats, jackets, matching gloves – oh boy!

Inspired by Kate’s signature cobalt blue (and, let’s be honest, the beautiful engagement ring worn by both Kate and Princess Diana), I think a bright blue dress would be perfectly appropriate for the blessed occasion.  And why not indulge in a $400 sequined clutch while you’re at it? (Thorpedo is buying!)

But, if we’re really talking fantasy land, I might as well go all out on a $900 chartreuse dress and a more traditional wide-brimmed church hat.  The Queen would definitely approve.  I’ll just have to practice my double-kiss greeting with a hat like that – don’t want to be responsible for blinding any royals, especially if I’m getting a title in Sweden.

Okay, okay, that was fun and all.  But in reality, I’ll be sitting at home in my pajamas (a t-shirt and sweat pants are not nearly as glamorous as a traditional hat!), chugging coffee and trying to keep my eyes open for the coverage that starts at 1am my time!  I am really this obsessed with hats, though, that wasn’t pretend.  I hope these royals deliver at what I’m sure is going to be a ridiculously gorgeous ceremony.


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