On Inspiration

Fitness inspiration, that is.

Today, the sun came out and the temperature climbed to a balmy 60 degrees, finally giving me some hope that Spring and Summer weather are just around the corner.   And what comes with Spring and Summer weather?  Bikinis and running in sports bras, that’s what.  And I am not feeling confident about either of those things at the moment.

I’ve been in a real fitness funk since finishing the marathon 2 weeks ago. At first I was reasonably sore, especially considering that I ran 26 miles, and felt justified taking a few days off.  But two days turned into 10, and nary a running shoe nor yoga mat had been touched.  Sometimes you just really need a break, you know?

So I was thrilled to be surrounded by so many inspiring people this week, helping me drum up the motivation to get back on the wagon and work out again.  This week, when I’m getting back on the step mill or doing some down dogs with out-of-practice-arms I’ll be thinking of these sources of inspiration:

The Boston Marathon.  I wasn’t there and I don’t personally know anyone who ran it, but I watched the coverage on Universal Sports while white-knuckling the arms of my chair and practically shouting at the TV during the last mile of the women’s race.  Seriously, Desi was so inspiring that I’m ashamed that I’ve managed to stay on the couch for so long after that race.

Photo credit.

The men’s race was also phenomenal, what with the record breaking and Ryan Hall leading the pack at various points and producing the fastest American time. Love it all.  I also enjoyed reading so many race recaps from around the blogosphere and living vicariously through all the experiences so many people had at this race that they’d worked so hard to get to.

Empire Classic.  I had the absolute privilege of watching some awesome ladies compete in the bikini division on Saturday.  I know how hard they all worked, and they all certainly rocked those swimsuits (and crazy tans!) on stage.  I’d never been to a fitness competition before, and I have a whole new respect for what these ladies, what they do to prepare, and how they perform.

Seriously, these girls look fabulous.  And those bikinis are tiny!  My girls rocked it on stage and did so well; it was an awesome experience to be there in the audience cheering for them.

Knowing that I’m not going it alone.  I read stuff every day about people losing motivation, getting it back, making big break-throughs, falling a bit short of their goals.  While I wish everyone could be successful and totally “on” all the time, it eases my mind knowing that others are experiencing what I am – and getting through it!

It also helps that one of those people is Rachel, and that she can keep me in line in person and over Gchat. Or, you know, come polish off a batch of cookies with me! 😀

So this afternoon I jumped in to my first workout of the week (hopefully to be followed by many more that I’ve got planned out) by heading to a Prep class at my favorite yoga studio in Spokane.  It was just what I needed, both a stretch and a workout – and since it was Easter the class was small and we got some individual attention from the teacher.

A great way to start off a successful week I hope and dip my toes back in the water.  Here’s to reclaiming and accomplishing fitness goals of all shapes and sizes, and having fun while doing it!


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