Easter Tablescape

Sunday is Easter!  And that means Easter eggs, bunnies, and delicious Easter brunch/dinner with all the trimmings.  And if you’re going to be pending all of that time around the table, you might as well decorate it for the season!

It’s pretty easy to accidentally make an Easter table look like tacky pastel barf with all of the Easter decorations out there, but I feel like I avoided that by sticking to just a few colors to use in the Easter-specific items.


You might recognize my glitter Easter eggs from earlier this week!  I picked up this silver cake stand yesterday at Pier 1 (it was discontinued and on clearance fro $10 –  a real bargain!), and thought it would be a perfect untraditional way to display these beauties.  A cake stand, some eggs, and paper grass are all you need!

I really wanted to find some hydrangeas to use in a few arrangements on the table, but these white snap dragons caught my eye yesterday.  And how can you say no to lovely yellow daffodils that are everywhere right now?  I threw a few stems of each in our daily-use tall drinking glasses and had my flower arrangements in less than a minute.

The only bunnies on the table are our pairs of salt and pepper shakers.  Since they’re white (and pastel-less), I can totally imagine using these on a winter table, too!  I picked these up for $6.99 a pair at World Market (they’re not available online) and love them.

I absolutely love our china, most of which we received for our wedding (that in 9 days will have been a full year ago!).  I was surprised to find it on RueLaLa this morning for a really sweet deal – $449 for a 22 piece set.  If I didn’t already have a closet-full, I’d totally jump on the deal!

Anyway, just wanted to share our table with you all.  I can’t wait to have our Easter meals here and enjoy the sparkle and beautiful flowers!


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One Response to Easter Tablescape

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ohhhh, those bunny salt & pepper shakers. You better hide them next time I visit.

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