I’m a sucker for colorful things

Is it just me, or have wine labels gotten way more creative and eye-catching recently?

I’ll be totally honest, other than the fact that this wine was on sale (and subsequently fell into my “under $7 per bottle” wine budget), the only reason I purchased it was to get some more time checking out the label.  So good job, wine marketers! Your tactics worked on me.

Good thing it ended up being a delicious bottle! I’m definitely going to be buying Bear Flag wine again.  I’d love to serve this at a dinner party and have the bottle prominently displayed on a bright, festive table.  Maybe for Midsommar?

As a side note, the number of photos that I take during a given a week has increased 10-fold since I got my birthday present from Matt.  It’s just so fun playing with all the settings and changing light sources and things like that.  I might even be able to actually follow through with the 365 photo challenge this go-round!


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Wife. Runner. Baker. Pretzel-maker. Hey, that rhymes!
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