Whidbey Island Trip

Yesterday I mentioned that I ran my first marathon on Whidbey Island on Sunday.  But, since Whidbey Island is so far away from Spokane, we had to make a weekend out of the trip, complete with beach house and exploring!

For the weekend we rented the fantastic West Beach house. I can’t even describe how amazing this view was – we could see the San Juans, Canada off in the distance. Even without great weather, it was absolutely spectacular.

The house was roomy and comfortable, and also well-stocked with everything the 6 of us needed.  Plus, the lounging chairs led to awesome photo ops like this one.

Seriously, I love this handsome man.

For dinner we decided to hit up Flyers Restaurant in Oak Harbor.  This local brewery caught Matt’s eye as soon as our trip was finalized, and featured a good selection of locally made beers and a killer portabello burger (that I was too busy indulging in to get a picture of).  It also helped that they were so welcoming and supportive of the Marathon runners!

Delicious house beer selections. I had the Amber and it was really good!

Saturday, after picking up my race packet, Matt and I decided to go on a hike at Fort Ebey State Park.  We didn’t quite make it all the way to Coupeville like we had planned, mostly because we got distracted by things like awesome WWII bunkers.

Check out this vintage original brickwork!

People that aren’t from the Northwest may not realize that there is a fairly extensive system of bunkers all over the islands in the Puget Sound dating back to World War II, when they were considered the last line of defense if the Japanese decided to invade through Seattle.  Most of them are now state parks, and are open to the public to visit.  If you ever get a chance to visit the islands you should totally check them out!

Fort Ebey State Park also featured some of the most awesome trail names I’ve ever seen.

I wanted to walk on the Whipper Snapper trail, but it was the going in the opposite direction of where we needed to go.

We didn’t quite make it all the way to Coupeville before we were supposed to meet my family for lunch, so my parents (literally) picked us up on the side of the road a mile or two away.  We were headed to the Pizza Factory and couldn’t be late!

I loved their slogan:  “We toss ’em, they’re awesome!”  Our pizza was certainly delicious.  I’m not sure what exactly ended up on ours, because between my sister, mom, and myself we added and changed the order about 5 million times.  The final result was delicious, though!  A perfect day-before-the-race lunch.

It didn’t hurt that they had a bunch of arcade games that kept us entertained while we waited for our pizza to be finished.  There’s nothing funnier than watching my family play pinball and Pac-man!

It was a fairly low-key weekend mostly because I was gearing up for the marathon on Sunday, but we still managed to fit in a Bananagrams tournament and lots of family meal time.  A great weekend was had by all!  I can’t wait to head back to the Puget Sound for another weekend; it really is one of my favorite places!


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