First Week of Domestic Engineering: SUCCESS

I did it! I survived my first week at home, out of corporate clutches.

I don’t start class until April 4th, so this week really was a week of reflection and getting things done around the house for me.  And I only cried twice (once because calculus is even harder the 4th time around when you’ve taken 5 years off of math classes, and once because I was lonely and doubting my decision – but I digress!).

Some scenes from this week:

Several cups of chai at my new study spot were probably not within the budget, but were pretty tasty!  People watching is still a great procrastination technique when trying to work on a subject you don’t have a particular affinity for.  And the baked goods being the most delicious things I’ve tasted this week (other than the amazing cookies I made on Thursday) didn’t hurt, either.

I got around to getting the embossing powder I’ve been out of for… 4 years… finally.  I even did some price comparisons – JoAnns totally beats Michaels on the paper goods pricing.  And the fact that I can get fabric (and pattern tracing stuff) at the same time is just icing on the cake!

Yeah, my cookies are awesome! Unfortunately my cookie jar is small – and we all know that that means you must immediately consume all cookies that don’t fit in the jar.  Right?

The flowers in the shops were so pretty this week.  Big, bold, beautiful, and a sure-fire sign that (more permanent) Spring weather is just around the corner.  Not that I don’t love our almost freezing temperatures and random hail storms, but a few solid weeks of 50-degrees-and-sunny is in order right about now.

I forgot how much I love my Spring table until I busted out the linens and reset it this week.  The bright blues and greens really draw on the colors outside these days, and look great with just about any big Spring blooms I can find.  It’s also a great reminder of where we were at this time last year – almost all of the items on our table are off our wedding registry, and I can’t believe we’ve had them for just about a year now!

Next week holds my first day of school in a long time.  And my first math class in 5 years.  And taxes.  Should I just throw in the towel now? 😀


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Wife. Runner. Baker. Pretzel-maker. Hey, that rhymes!
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