First Friday at Nectar

As a native-Western-Washingtonian, I end up whining about Eastern Washington, which I’ve called home for close to 8 years now, quite a bit.  The cosmopolitan vibe of the Big City, the artistic events and companies, and the non-stop flights to other areas of the country are generally missing from this side of the mountains.  Sure, the traffic is better, but that doesn’t mean much when there isn’t anything to drive to!

No Space Needles (or vampires!) on this side of the mountains.

One thing Eastern Washington does get right, however, is wine (well, beer too, but that’s another post that will need to be co-written with Matt).  A gigantic number of wineries call Central and Eastern Washington home, and it’s awesome that so many of them value the community enough to work on developing a strong local presence.  In Spokane specifically, this becomes especially obvious during First Friday, a (mostly free) celebration of local artistry, foods, and wines that occurs on the first Friday of every month.

This month, we decided to hit up one of the newer spots full of Washington wine pride, Nectar Tasting Room.  I’d been wanting to check this place out for a while (partially because it used to house a dress boutique that I popped into looking for Senior Ball dresses once), and First Friday seemed like the perfect time.  While the “mostly free” part of First Friday didn’t apply to the menu, we did get a lovely bottle of a Terra Blanca Cabernet to split and enjoyed the ambiance and people watching.  It was fun to spend time in a modern space that felt upscale, but was still down-home enough to wear jeans to (the guy helping us was wearing a flannel shirt – how Washington!).

A smaller menu, but still full of local flavor.

Normally Nectar offers tasting flights and a larger menu, and I can’t wait to head back and try a flight of a local winery’s full offerings.  Not that I’m a wine connoisseur or anything, but I feel like I have a decent palate and can enjoy a wide variety (or at least a wider variety of wine than beer!).

I also loved that the centerpieces for the night included coffee beans (so Washington!) and blooms from another local fave, Anemone.

Can it be the first friday of April yet?


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