New Bulletin Boards

I’ve been meaning to post more about some of the DIY projects I’ve been undertaking lately.  I’ve had a few bulletin boards lying around and being sparsely used since college, looking all plain and not fabulous.  So, inspired by Maggie Rose’s bulletin board guide I gave them a bit of a new look for my fledgling home office.

I bought some discount fabric at Joann’s – a plain brown and a floral print full of deep pink to compliment.  The floral ended up being a bit… much… for the larger board, so it ended up going on the smaller one for a pop of color on the wall.

A bulletin board full of beautiful people.

I love the detail and texture of the upholstery tacks!

The larger board.

Let me pass on a tip, just in case anyone decided to undertake this project themselves:  USE A STAPLER.  I was having a hard time finding ours (it’s seldom used and normally hidden in a random drawer), so in my infinite wisdom, I thought it would be appropriate to try and use my strong crafting glue.

Do. Not. Use. (unless you’re going for epic failure)

One hand solidly glued to a bulletin board and a destroyed half-yard of fabric later, I determined it was finally time to locate that stapler.  Learning lessons so others don’t have to!

Anyway, I love them and they make my home office look awesome (and my desk more organized)!


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2 Responses to New Bulletin Boards

  1. Maggie Rose says:

    These look great! Thanks for linking back to my tutorial. So glad it helped 🙂 I’m thinking of doing another (smaller) one to store my necklaces.

    • Becca says:

      Thank YOU for posting it! I love them a lot. A small one to hold jewelry would be lovely – would make a great accent piece for sure!

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