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Thankful Thursday

Things that I’m thankful for this week (and every week): Having the most supportive husband ever, who supports and believes in me – and has been extremely complimentary of my cooking this week Having the most supportive friends ever, who … Continue reading

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Tights Are Not Pants

Some very smart person found my blog by typing the following into Google: Tights are not pants. I couldn’t agree more, wise reader.  Tights are, in fact, not pants.  There are entire websites devoted to informing us that tights are … Continue reading

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On Becoming a Housewife

I did something a few weeks ago that I never thought I’d do.  It still felt like a rash decision even though I spent a long time thinking about it and discussing it with my family and friends. I quit … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday

We’re trying something a little different this week – in that I’ll be eating absolutely all of my meals (including breakfast and lunch!) from home, and packing Matt’s lunches as often as I can – but more about that later! … Continue reading

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On Flexitarian Cooking

Matt and I have been together for nearly 5.5 years, living together for 4, and married for almost a year.  During this time, I’ve been asked one question over and over again:  what do you cook? Most of my family … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday

It’s been an unusual couple of weeks, including some trips out of town that didn’t exactly bode well for planning meals and eating healthfully.  But this week is a new week!  And we’ll be satisfying our hunger with some tried-and-true … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday

Things I am thankful for this week (and every week): My wonderful husband, who lets me watch Jersey Shore even when a basketball game is on Living close enough to Home that I can make the trip via car in … Continue reading

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