Menu Plan for the Week

If there’s one thing I can do, it’s plan a mean week of meals and then completely forget it the next day.  That’s the best thing about posting planned recipes on the internet; I can look up what I’m supposed to be making for dinner while sitting at my desk at work (and decide if it’s going to happen or if I should make Matt take me to Taco Bell).

Last week’s recipes were an interesting variety – the pumpkin soup was awesome and is definitely going in the regular rotation!  Hopefully this week’s recipes will be comparable.  Here’s what’s cooking in the Craven casa this week:

Monday: Coconut Curry Tofu with Rice

Tuesday: Mac and Cheese (a half-recipe) with steamed veggies

Wednesday: Crock Pot Pho (Matt’s coworker has a recipe that he wants to try)

Thursday: Curried Quinoa with some spinach and garbanzo beans added in

Friday: Dinner out with friends

Saturday: Leftovers or frozen pizza

Sunday: Spaghetti or Tortellini with marinara sauce and home-made bread

Matt and I have some disagreements about the best kind of mac – Matt prefers baked, I like the creamy stove-top kind – so we may end up going with a different recipe. The one linked above is by far the best creamy stove-top mac I’ve ever had, though. So try it!

More menu plans and planners at!


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