Marathon Clothes

Good LORD I had an abysmal run today.  My marathon training schedule has my long runs occurring on every Sunday, so today I was supposed to put in 10 miles.  I made it about 4 before giving up – after rolling an ankle and falling on my butt and determining that the ice and I were just not going to get along today at all.  The type of ice that’s on the sidewalks, paths, and roads right now is just not conducive to long runs; the streets are better, but the idea of  dodging cars for 10 miles (and still possibly falling on ice) didn’t appeal to me in the slightest.

This is what I get for running a marathon in the beginning of spring, I guess.  Lesson learned!

Tomorrow will be 10 miles of hell on a treadmill to make it up – 90 minutes on that stupid machine, getting sweaty and gawked at. I hate doing long runs on treadmills, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.  The only good thing about it is getting to bust out the summer running clothes in the middle of winter.

Marathon Warm Weather

Treadmill clothes.

Running on the treadmill means running skirts and tank tops (and a little bling to remind you why you’re doing all this!).  Plus you can wear normal, breathable running shoes without worrying about your toes freezing and falling off before you’re done.

Winter running (outside), on the other hand, is quite the feat in terms of athletic gear and layering.

Cold Weather Running

Winter running clothes.

Tights are not pants – unless they are running tights! And God help you if you don’t have your hands and head covered – preferably using the most ostentatious hat and warmest gloves possible.  It is also a good opportunity to bust out your trail shoes within city limits (and buy some styling and itchy wool socks to go with).

In closing, I guess the treadmill’s not all bad, since it keeps you from freezing and falling on your bum for another workout.  I may be singing a different tune after tomorrow’s 10 miles, though…


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2 Responses to Marathon Clothes

  1. Rachel says:

    No one gawks at you! I support preserving your bum.

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