Thankful Thursday

Things I’m thankful for this Thursday (and every day, really):

  • My pony-tail usually says I’m at least average.
  • The information for the snow-shoeing adventure Matt and I are going on next Sunday finally came – time to invest in some new wool socks and waterproof hiking boots!
  • Finding thank-you notes that come with bright pink envelopes.
  • The new connections I think I’ve made in my neighborhood.
  • I’m only a day behind at work, instead of a couple days like I was at the start of the week.
  • Cucumbers are so delicious.
  • A free weekend full of Gonzaga basketball, organizing my home office (finally!), and hanging out with my husband!

About Becca

Wife. Runner. Baker. Pretzel-maker. Hey, that rhymes!
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One Response to Thankful Thursday

  1. Smile Steady says:

    My pony tail says I’m average, too. But apparently I get smarter as the day progresses! Oh- and I am super jealous that you get to go on a snow-shoeing adventure!

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