Neighborhood Council Meeting

Tonight I did something for the first time ever: I went to a neighborhood council meeting.  And I didn’t just attend – I participated.

I put attending a neighborhood council meeting on my 101 in 1001 list because I’ve lived in the same young and vibrant community in Spokane for almost three years and have never gotten involved in the local scene.  And, as a student of public administration who has attended crazy numbers of city council meetings (mostly for cities I don’t reside in), it’s just pathetic that I’ve never gone to one!

So tonight, I bundled myself up because of the snow, trekked over to the local museum, got myself a name tag and sat down in my first council meeting.  It was a small group – less than 20 people – but an outspoken and friendly bunch.  I learned that there’s a lot more going on in my neighborhood than I thought, and that there are tons of opportunities to get involved in just about anything I want to.  I also learned that it’s really easy to speak up with an idea and get people to take it seriously in that type of forum.

And thus I may have planted the seed for a new farmer’s market in Spokane.

But we’ll see – it’ll be discussed next month after the voting members of the council have time to consider (you have to attend three meetings in six months before you’re eligible to vote).

Also, the future of the MAC was discussed.  If you live in Spokane, you should know that the MAC is in danger of closing because of state budget cuts.  It’s imperative that it be saved!  Check out for more information about what you can do to help.

And if you don’t live in Spokane, find your local neighborhood- or city-council and attend a meeting.  You might be surprised at how awesome it is!

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4 Responses to Neighborhood Council Meeting

  1. Joelle says:

    Good for you! As a political science major and firm believer in civic engagement {for all people} this post made me very happy! It’s makes me so upset when people are either apathetic or apprehensive about local politics. There is so much going on! And I love that you actually participated too. Congratulations!

    • Becca says:

      Yes! Poli Sci majors unite!

      I was really intimidated at first, but it was soooo easy and kind of fun! I wish there was a way to convince more people that local government isn’t as stuffy and scary as it’s thought to be. I can’t wait to go again next month!

  2. Josh is *on* a committee in our ‘hood. He’s a growed up or something.

    Next time you’re in PDX you should check out the market by me-YEAR ROUND! And less than a decade old but really successful-great variety of vendors who stay with it year after year. (There’s a few pdx businesses that started at it!)

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