Nook Covers

Tonight is a low-key night for me:  it’s basically dumping buckets of snow outside, so Matt and I are huddled up inside watching the Gonzaga basketball game and enjoying some bowls of the best soup ever (add two stalks of celery and 2 teaspoons of red pepper flakes; you’re welcome).

So anyway, I’m actually being pretty productive tonight and getting things crossed off my to-do list (“eat dinner” and “take out ponytail” being the first two items accomplished) and am in the process of researching eReader covers by shopping online.  I mentioned before that Matt bought be a Nook for Christmas, and I’ve quickly realized that without a cover or some sort of protective sleeve, he’ll be buying me another one for my birthday in April.  I thought it would be an easy decision but apparently there are tons of eReader cover options – I certainly don’t remember there being this many options for covers/sleeves for my Mac!

So in the interest of helping out other technology savvy (ha) and fashionable (double ha) people like me, I give you the cream of the eReader sleeve crop! Enjoy, and just FYI I’ll probably be going with the cheapest one.

This pink one from Amazon features a crown and is light on the wallet at $12.21.

This $29.99 black and white damask cover has a super cute blue button closure.  The seller also has lots of other fabric options.

In the sleeve category, I think this brown and off-white floral sleeve with a partial velcro closure is pretty awesome (and only $24.99!).

I like the idea of a book-style cover, like this green one that Barnes and Noble is selling for $29.95.

And finally, if you want a black Kate Spade nook cover to match your black Kate Spade purse, I think this one’s a pretty good choice – though a little hard on the bank account at $85.  Although I suppose if you have a nook and a Kate Spade purse, that’s not actually too bad for you.

So there you have it, my take on the world of eReader covers (specifically Nook covers).  Hopefully I’ll own one of these bad boys in the next week so I can stop worrying about breaking things. 😀


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